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Great Tool for Shoppers – List Caddy

Looking for something different to get your name or logo to your target market?  The new List Caddy will keep your logo or name in front of your customers each time they shop.  It holds coupons and a pen and slips onto the grocery cart handle.  When not used for shopping, it has magnets on the back and can be stored on the front of a refrigerator or file cabinet.  Available in blue, red, white or green.  Imprint area is 1-1/4″ x 3/4″.  Item can also be used vertically on the top of a water or beverage bottle and it can hold a business or place card at an event.  Think outside the box (and cart) and order your List Caddies today along with some awesome.  Min 250, 2.00 ea, 50.00 set up. 500 qty price is 1.67 and 1.60 at 1000 or more.

List Caddy keeps your name or logo in front of your target market

List Caddy keeps your name or logo in front of your target market

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Make the Everyday Item Stand OUT!

Recently after meeting with a longtime business acquaintance, he mentioned that he likes to give a small plain tablet and a pen to his clients to thank them.  They spend hundreds of dollars a year and his acknowledgement is less than a dollar…that’s budget friendly but there’s a way he could stand out to his customers.  Full color tablets cost only pennies more and would be useful.  Same with the pens, anyone can give a cheap, blank pen but one with your logo or contact information helps keep your name circulating.  Why be in business if you don’t want referrals?  Are you doing a tradeshow or attending a networking event and need something to get remembered by the attendees?  Each time your recipient writes a note to a co-worker, teacher, milkman or any other person they drop a note to, your information can be in the recipient’s hands.  Twenty five sheet tablets are 3-1/2″ w x 8-1/2″ h and can be mailed in a regular business envelope or tucked in a folder or dropped in a tradeshow bag.  Can be lined or have graph, full color graphics.  You choose what goes on the tablets…and it’s no additional for the full color.

Min is 500 tablets at 45 cents, 1000 tablets 30 cents ea, 2000 28.3 cents ea, 5000 26 cents ea.  Tax and shipping additional.  Order yours today!

Capture their attention with full color tablets

Capture their attention with full color tablets


Tradeshow season is upon us

Do you wait until the last minute to order something to hand out and then scramble around putting little labels on something from the dollar or discount store?  A good handout at your tradeshow is your time to shine to your clients and prospective clients.  Given the economic times we are in, it’s more important than ever to think ahead and get your ducks in a row.  If you order your items in plenty of time, you have time to make sure you are giving items that reflect your business or service.  Nothing says quality like a sturdy, useful or fun item.  If your business sells widgits, you can give out something related to your business but perhaps a different version.  Stress balls come in 1000’s of shapes, something for almost any business or theme.  Do you have a new tagline for the new year or are you targeting a new market?  If so, you can use a phrase on an item to reflect that information.  Have you changed corporate colors or opened or closed locations?  That is time you will want to let your clients (new and potential) know your new information.

When people pass your booth, will they hurry by or will they stop, ponder, inquire.  An interesting promotional item can capture their attention and gives you time to ask questions, listen and capture their contact information.  Another way to get people to your booth is to send out a postcard they can bring to redeem for an item for stopping by your booth.  Those items can be a little more substancial or a set of something.  A little more expensive item related to your industry or area.  Recent ones that come to mind are a keytag/tapemeasure given by a construction company at an apartment association conference.  Repeat clients were given a more substantial item, newcomers were given less expensive versions.  Both increased inquiries and follow up business for the construction company.  Now they are looking at even more expensive promotional items as client thank you gifts for larger clients.

Either way, keeping your name or logo in their minds, one their desks or near their computer will keep your info handy the next time they need your business or service!

Measuring Trade Show success one giveaway at a time

Measuring Trade Show success one giveaway at a time

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