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Trade Show Handouts

It’s tradeshow time. Do you need items to hand out and get people to remember your business or service?Something for the desk, car or kitchen will keep your name in front of people in the places they spend the most time.  Spice up your marketing with a multi-use spoon.  Cook’s Connection (TM) measuring spoon has four measurements in one convenient set. It measures 1 tablespoon, 1 teaspoon, 1/2 teaspoon, and 1/4 teaspoon. Exclusive, slide to use spoons are together in one tool so the measurement your want is always available. Cooks love this product. Molded in tough, dishwasher-safe ABS plastic, these will keep your logo or name in their hands. Tool is 6″ x 6″ with a 1-1/4 x 1-1/4″ imprint area in the center. Min. is 150 pieces, pricing: 1.48 ea. for 150-299, 1.43  ea. for 300-499, 1.40  ea. for 500-999 and 1.36 ea. for 1000-2499 and 1.32 ea. for 2500 or more.  Set up is 45.00.   Order yours today and start cooking up new sales and leads.

Cook's Connection 4 way measuring spoon is a great marketing item

Spice up your marketing with Cook's Connection 4 way measuring spoon #K90

Order today:       877-351-2627

Help Your Name Stick Around

If you want return on your marketing dollar, find an item that your customer will keep around so that your name is seen time and again.  Think of items you use on a daily basis and most likely your customers will do the same.  How many times do you make yourself a note?  If it’s not on an electronic device, it’s probably on a sticky note somewhere.  Great idea to hand out is sticky notes with your name imprinted on each page.  Your message is seen time and again.  Who knows how many notes your customers will send to their customers using your sticky note.  The kids’ teachers, the milkman, the babysitter…wherever they write and leave a note, there is your advertising.  If you want to hand out something that is useful and has your logo on the outside, another idea is a sticky pad book.  Logo is on the outside cover.   Inside are 2 sizes of sticky notes and 5 different colored sticky flags.  Very useful, each time the user picks up the book they will see your logo.  Make a great impression and help your name stick in someone’s mind. Read more about this on

Sticky Notes help your name stick around

Sticky Notes # ST 26 help your name stick around

Sale on ST 26 is good through June 25, 2010 at 1.99 for 150 or more.  50.00 set up.  Blue, red, black or white.   Order yours today!


Let’s Make a Difference in 2010

A new year, a new decade…Thank Em Promotions is most grateful for all orders and has pledged to make a difference in 2010.  The 15th of each month in 2010, Thank Em will donate 20% of profits that day to a charity.  The January charity is American Red Cross Haiti Relief.  With the stories and images coming out after the severe quake, Thank Em is honored to step up and assist.  If you are needing promotional items and have been thinking of ordering, this would be the time to do it so that your purchase can in turn help others.  It won’t cost you a dime extra, just call or email to get your order in on the 15th and it will count.  We pledge to do this the 15th of each month in 2010 and urge you to find a way to make a difference as well.  It is Thank Em Promotion’s mission to make a difference, somehow, each and every day of 2010 and beyond.  Won’t you join us in this effort?


Make the Everyday Item Stand OUT!

Recently after meeting with a longtime business acquaintance, he mentioned that he likes to give a small plain tablet and a pen to his clients to thank them.  They spend hundreds of dollars a year and his acknowledgement is less than a dollar…that’s budget friendly but there’s a way he could stand out to his customers.  Full color tablets cost only pennies more and would be useful.  Same with the pens, anyone can give a cheap, blank pen but one with your logo or contact information helps keep your name circulating.  Why be in business if you don’t want referrals?  Are you doing a tradeshow or attending a networking event and need something to get remembered by the attendees?  Each time your recipient writes a note to a co-worker, teacher, milkman or any other person they drop a note to, your information can be in the recipient’s hands.  Twenty five sheet tablets are 3-1/2″ w x 8-1/2″ h and can be mailed in a regular business envelope or tucked in a folder or dropped in a tradeshow bag.  Can be lined or have graph, full color graphics.  You choose what goes on the tablets…and it’s no additional for the full color.

Min is 500 tablets at 45 cents, 1000 tablets 30 cents ea, 2000 28.3 cents ea, 5000 26 cents ea.  Tax and shipping additional.  Order yours today!

Capture their attention with full color tablets

Capture their attention with full color tablets


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