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Cool Way to Promote Yourself

Is it how where you are?  Finally after a few weeks of hot summer, fall is around the corner.  It’s still hot when you leave your car closed up.  To be green, lots of people open the windows and let the air blow in.  Problem is when it’s hot out, the air coming in is too!  Solution?  The good old fan.  Not grandma’s hand fan, although that is a part solution.  What we are talking about is a stand up fan or a box fan in the window.  If you are looking for a cool way to get your message out, lighted-scrolling message fans may be your ticket.  Factory can program up to 6 messages of 18 characters each.  As the user looks at the fan blade and feels the cool air, the messages show up in the spinning blades.   Minimum is only 100 pieces.  Contact for more information on cool promotion for sporting event, trade show booth, product launch or self promotion.

Cool way to get the word out!

Cool way to get the word out!

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