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Green is in, are you?

Shopping totes give a nice big imprint area for logo or slogan and show your business has gone green.

Shopping totes give a nice big imprint area for logo or slogan and show your business has gone green.

Why watch the news and read the paper.  You can change your attitude and green up your world.  Whether it’s using reusable shopping bags or recycling that daily paper or glass bottles, it does matter if we do something.  Businesses can use recycled paper for printing, soy ink in their printers, have a bin for aluminum cans.  Posting a sign or posters indicating what your business does to add to the green movement can attract or retain customers.  Lanyards for conferences that are made from recycled material are available.

Recently a grocery clerk chastised someone I know in the check stand when she didn’t bring her own tote.  From that day forward, she keeps several behind the driver’s seat to grab and go when she goes into the store.  No more mention of her carbon footprint now.  What are you doing to make the earth greener.  Green is more than Earth Day or Arbor Day.  Reduce, re-use, recycle.  It’s what is in!

Greening in the New Year

Shopping totes are hot this season!

Shopping totes are hot this season!

It’s a fresh new year, time to green up your life.  With a few changes, you can make a difference to your bottom line.  Do you print every email?  If so, maybe you can use recyled paper.  Refillable ink cartridges can also help keep extra empty cartridges out of the trash.  Many schools and organizations fundraise by collecting empty cartridges.  Check with your local elementary school to see they collect them.  If you are doing trade shows this spring, getting some green promotional items as handouts can make you stand out.  Re-usable tote bags are something everyone is using these days.  They make excellent trade show give aways and keep your name and logo whereever the recipient goes.  There are a number of pens, containers, and other items made with recycled materials.  Some items are made from recyled wood, denim, old phone books, even money. It gets your name or logo out and helps the planet as well.  Reuse, recycle, and reduce will help us all get through this trying time…and who knows, we may like this new lifestyle even when the tough times end!

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