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Toy filled Fire Cracker

Great for summer promotions or events. Giant 8′ tall standard Celebrate America firecracker filled with 60% licensed and name brand toys. Includes 1000 entry blanks, 1 box and 1 sign, promotional ideas book with press release. President’s Day. Memorial Day. 4TH of July. Labor Day. Generate in store excitement and customer loyalty! Boost family traffic and increase sales. Everything you need to run a highly successful on site sweepstakes is included. 167.96 ea for 1 or 2, 3-11 159.43, 12 or more 153.64. Shipping is add’l. Item US-1000. Deluxe version 219.00 ea. Item number DU-1000.

Toy filled 8 ft firecracker

Great for summer events. Comes filled with toys and games. 8 ft firecracker US-1000

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