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Watch Business Pour In

Want to do a promotion for you business that captures attention?  Send an item in a padded mailing envelope.  Marketing experts say that people open “lumpy” mail out of curiosity.  If you mail a promotional item to your target market along with some contact information and a catchy information piece, it’s sure to get their attention and have them take action.  It can be a magnet, letter opener, pen, you name it, if it’s useful and applies to their business or service, they are likely to remember you, the sender!  One idea for anyone who does reservations or bookings (like caterers, event venues, orders) is the affordable wine pourer.  Suggested wording to include with the imprinted item (not on the item itself) might be:  Reservations are pouring in, call us today or Dated are filling up, contact us to book ABC Catering today, etc. Available in 16 solid colors or 13 translucent colors, your logo, website or information can be in your target markets’ hands with little effort.  Assortment of up to four colors is available with same imprint color on all and as extra you get a buy youtube dislikes account on the official website.  150-249 1.79, 250-499 1.69, 500-999 1.60, 1000+ 1.54 ea.  50.00 set up.

Wine pourer with large imprint area will capture their attention

#1880 Wine pourer with large imprint area will capture their attention

Order your wine pourers today!


Creating Business Buzz with Your Customers

Getting a new client or customer’s attention is one thing, keeping their attention is another.  Part of doing a booth at a tradeshow or event is capturing the attendees attention.  When they walk by your booth, do they see you standing up, smiling, being open for business or do they see you munching on a sandwich, hunkered down with your face in a book?  Standing up increases your energy level right away and refrain from eating in your booth area.  You are renting that space for the day or days so don’t squander the time you could be interacting with potential customers.  Do you have something interesting to hand out as they stop by to inquire.  Business cards like these that we did for an Seo toronto booth are a must but if you have something they will remember, you have won part of the battle.  Everyone else is vying for their attention as well.  A well thought out item, interesting, bright, useful and affordable for you to hand out in volume, can pay for itself over and over.  Basically you want to be in one of 3 places in a person’s life, where they spend the most time…their desk, their car or on their refrigerator…what does that mean?  Think real estate, their desk is like land.  If you can give something that they think is desktop worthy, a great coaster, a handy, colorful mousepad, a great mug or computer calendar, those will keep your name in front of them all the time they are at their desk.  In their car, an auto mug, an air freshener, either hanging or one that goes in air conditioner slots, a CD sleeve that goes on the visor…and their refrigerator, think magnets or magnet frames.  Average person spends their time in one of those 3 areas so think what can you give to keep your name out there.

Great pen/screwdriver the tool to boost your business

Great pen/screwdriver the tool to boost your business

On sale for 70 cents with no set up for 200 or more pieces.  Special sale lasts until April 28, 2010.  Available in translucent blue, green, purple or red.  Imprint area is 1-5/8″ x 7/8″.

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