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Multi tool makes great business giveaway

Don’t be fooled by the lookalikes! This is a 100% stainless steel multi-tool that comes with a carry pouch that has a belt loop and a carabiner and split-ring key holder. This 14 function tool includes a super bright LED flashlight powered by 4 SG1 button cell batteries that are included and inserted. Tools include: cutting blade, scissor, saw, magnifier, bottle opener, standard screwdriver, can opener, LED flashlight, key ring, punch with sewing hole, Phillips screwdriver, reamer, file, corkscrew. Normally 9.99 ea, on sale for 5.00 ea.  Multi tool is 3- 5/8″l closed x 1″ x 1″, imprint area is 3/4″ x 3/8″ near the cork screw. Price includes one location laser engraving (produces a subtle silver permanent imprint). Set up is 37.50. These will be popular so order now.  Item ##99250.


E99250 multi tool available at

With your logo lasered on the tool, these will be handy and prized handout at business events, favors at gatherings and more. E99250

Order today!    877-351-2627

Tradeshow season is upon us

Do you wait until the last minute to order something to hand out and then scramble around putting little labels on something from the dollar or discount store?  A good handout at your tradeshow is your time to shine to your clients and prospective clients.  Given the economic times we are in, it’s more important than ever to think ahead and get your ducks in a row.  If you order your items in plenty of time, you have time to make sure you are giving items that reflect your business or service.  Nothing says quality like a sturdy, useful or fun item.  If your business sells widgits, you can give out something related to your business but perhaps a different version.  Stress balls come in 1000’s of shapes, something for almost any business or theme.  Do you have a new tagline for the new year or are you targeting a new market?  If so, you can use a phrase on an item to reflect that information.  Have you changed corporate colors or opened or closed locations?  That is time you will want to let your clients (new and potential) know your new information.

When people pass your booth, will they hurry by or will they stop, ponder, inquire.  An interesting promotional item can capture their attention and gives you time to ask questions, listen and capture their contact information.  Another way to get people to your booth is to send out a postcard they can bring to redeem for an item for stopping by your booth.  Those items can be a little more substancial or a set of something.  A little more expensive item related to your industry or area.  Recent ones that come to mind are a keytag/tapemeasure given by a construction company at an apartment association conference.  Repeat clients were given a more substantial item, newcomers were given less expensive versions.  Both increased inquiries and follow up business for the construction company.  Now they are looking at even more expensive promotional items as client thank you gifts for larger clients.

Either way, keeping your name or logo in their minds, one their desks or near their computer will keep your info handy the next time they need your business or service!

Measuring Trade Show success one giveaway at a time

Measuring Trade Show success one giveaway at a time

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