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Sticky Notes Special

Have you been wanting to order something useful, affordable and something with staying power to market your business or service?  3″ x 3″ are 25 cents ea at 500, 23 cents at 1000 and 21 cents ea at 2500. 4″ x 3″ 27 ea at 500, 25 cetns e at 1000, 23 cents ea at 2500. Free shipping is good through April 28, 2014. Order today and start handing them out at your next event, tradeshow or golf tournament. Free flood coat on pages to make paper appear colored. Must be ordered in quantities of 500.

BIC Sticky Notes P3A3A25

Free Shipping, Free Set up on BIC Sticky Notes with up to 4 imprint colors P3A3A25WJ1


Bic Sticky note 4 by 3 inch

Free Shipping, Free Set up on BIC Sticky Notes with up to 4 imprint colors P4A3A25WJ1

Order today!   877-351-2627

3 Places You Want to Be in people’s lives

There are 3 places you want to be in people’s busy lives if you want to get your message across over and over.  One is in their car, the second is on their refrigerator and the third is by their computer.  Why those places?  Most people spend the most time each day in their cars, near their refrigerator or at their computer.  How do you get your message to people at each of those?  Think of what you personally do in a car.  You might play a CD, adjust your mirror(s), apply makeup or check for stray hairs before a meeting.  A visor CD holder can have your logo or message imprinted so that they see your message as they reach for a CD.  Air fresheners that hang from the rear view mirror can be imprinted.  The long valued litter bag can have your message imprinted.  There’s the gel mat that sticks to the dash board to hold sunglasses or cell phone from sliding all over the dash.  Sun shades for the front windshield provide a huge imprint area.

For their refrigerator, how about a calendar sports magnet or magnet frame?  For pennies your name or logo will stick around for a long time.  Anyone who delivers anything to a home or office (flowers, pizza, other takeout food, etc.) as well a service individuals where people want the information instantly at a glance, plumbers, auto repair, lawncare-would benefit from magnets.  Custom shapes are available as are business card magnets.  Shopping list magnets or wipe off boards are other useful items for household services. The best convertible baby car seats will be the next thing for car lovers.

Stick your business card at the top, instant handout

Stick your business card at the top, instant handout

Third, the computer or desk.  Adhesive notepads notes come to mind first.  Your name or message for pennies.  Pick a size, pick a background color and voila, every time someone sends a note to a teacher, the milkman, a sales person, or anyone, and there your name and information.  Mousepads, calculators, monitor calendars, you name it, if it’s sticking around someone’s computer or desk, your name will come to their mind because they see it again and again.

For other ideas or to check availability contact   We are always thinking outside the box for you!

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