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September Thank Em Newsletter

Thank Em Promotions September 2010 newsletter

Thank Em Promotions September 2010 newsletter

Watch Business Pour In

Want to do a promotion for you business that captures attention?  Send an item in a padded mailing envelope.  Marketing experts say that people open “lumpy” mail out of curiosity.  If you mail a promotional item to your target market along with some contact information and a catchy information piece, it’s sure to get their attention and have them take action.  It can be a magnet, letter opener, pen, you name it, if it’s useful and applies to their business or service, they are likely to remember you, the sender!  One idea for anyone who does reservations or bookings (like caterers, event venues, orders) is the affordable wine pourer.  Suggested wording to include with the imprinted item (not on the item itself) might be:  Reservations are pouring in, call us today or Dated are filling up, contact us to book ABC Catering today, etc. Available in 16 solid colors or 13 translucent colors, your logo, website or information can be in your target markets’ hands with little effort.  Assortment of up to four colors is available with same imprint color on all and as extra you get a buy youtube dislikes account on the official website.  150-249 1.79, 250-499 1.69, 500-999 1.60, 1000+ 1.54 ea.  50.00 set up.

Wine pourer with large imprint area will capture their attention

#1880 Wine pourer with large imprint area will capture their attention

Order your wine pourers today!


Custom Lapel Pins No Die Charge

Is your organization looking for an affordable, creative way to get your logo out?  Custom cloissone lapel pins are sure to make a great impression. Each piece is struck into high grade brass, filled with jewelry quality hard enamel and then hand polished.  The finish is glassy and the colors are vibrant and bright. Each piece is plated in 24kt gold, silver or copper.   Great for sports teams, fundraising, business anniversaries, conventions, tradeshows, civic groups, government or trading with other groups. Inexpensive way to get your word out.   Sizes from 5/8″ to 1-5/8″.  Best pricing is 250 and more.  Call or email for 100-249 pricing.

Cloisonne Pins Make a Great Impression

Item # KB2000 Cloisonne Pins Make a Great Impression         877-351-2627

Get Your Name Out in a BIG Way

Looking for an alternative to a yard sign or car magnet to show your spirit? Are you in charge of getting a candidate’s name out to voters?  Yard signs are great but they can get taken by passerbys.  Car sunshades provide a giant imprint area, are affordable (starting at 5.18 ea for 100), useful and wherever the vehicle is parked, your message or slogan is there for all to see in the front window.  Great for political campaigns, high school booster clubs, fundraising or awareness campaigns.  Imprint area is 41.5″ x 15″ and they conveniently fold up to 5″ x 22″ so order yours today and start getting your message out right away.

Foldable sunshade with large imprint are makes portable billboard

Item # 069Foldable sunshade with large imprint are makes portable billboard

Order yours today!       877-351-2627

Creating Business Buzz with Your Customers

Getting a new client or customer’s attention is one thing, keeping their attention is another.  Part of doing a booth at a tradeshow or event is capturing the attendees attention.  When they walk by your booth, do they see you standing up, smiling, being open for business or do they see you munching on a sandwich, hunkered down with your face in a book?  Standing up increases your energy level right away and refrain from eating in your booth area.  You are renting that space for the day or days so don’t squander the time you could be interacting with potential customers.  Do you have something interesting to hand out as they stop by to inquire.  Business cards like these that we did for an Seo toronto booth are a must but if you have something they will remember, you have won part of the battle.  Everyone else is vying for their attention as well.  A well thought out item, interesting, bright, useful and affordable for you to hand out in volume, can pay for itself over and over.  Basically you want to be in one of 3 places in a person’s life, where they spend the most time…their desk, their car or on their refrigerator…what does that mean?  Think real estate, their desk is like land.  If you can give something that they think is desktop worthy, a great coaster, a handy, colorful mousepad, a great mug or computer calendar, those will keep your name in front of them all the time they are at their desk.  In their car, an auto mug, an air freshener, either hanging or one that goes in air conditioner slots, a CD sleeve that goes on the visor…and their refrigerator, think magnets or magnet frames.  Average person spends their time in one of those 3 areas so think what can you give to keep your name out there.

Great pen/screwdriver the tool to boost your business

Great pen/screwdriver the tool to boost your business

On sale for 70 cents with no set up for 200 or more pieces.  Special sale lasts until April 28, 2010.  Available in translucent blue, green, purple or red.  Imprint area is 1-5/8″ x 7/8″.

For these or other ideas contact        877-351-2627

Let’s Make a Difference in 2010

A new year, a new decade…Thank Em Promotions is most grateful for all orders and has pledged to make a difference in 2010.  The 15th of each month in 2010, Thank Em will donate 20% of profits that day to a charity.  The January charity is American Red Cross Haiti Relief.  With the stories and images coming out after the severe quake, Thank Em is honored to step up and assist.  If you are needing promotional items and have been thinking of ordering, this would be the time to do it so that your purchase can in turn help others.  It won’t cost you a dime extra, just call or email to get your order in on the 15th and it will count.  We pledge to do this the 15th of each month in 2010 and urge you to find a way to make a difference as well.  It is Thank Em Promotion’s mission to make a difference, somehow, each and every day of 2010 and beyond.  Won’t you join us in this effort?


Create Buzz on a Budget – Year End Money to Spend Down?

Do you have last minute money or line item in your marketing budget to spend down by the end of the year?  Why not get a jump on 2010 by ordering now to create buzz in your tradeshow booth or organization?  There are just a few business days before the end of the year and we have time to put orders in and get them processed in 2009.   You will receive the items in early-mid January if you order right away.  Do you need pens?  We do have quick turn on some popular pens if you need them before the end of 09.   Will you do tradeshows or thank volunteers or boards or employees 2010?  Great for safety program or marketing money that needs to be spent now.  We have heard UPS is going up in 2010 so order now to avoid higher fees.

Handy 6 bit tool to build business

Handy 6 bit tool to build business


Magnet Calendars

You have ordered the holiday cards.  Will your name stick around after they toss the card?  With a magnet calendar inside or a stick on monitor calendar tucked in the card, your contact information will be there in front of them for the the next 12 months.  Monitor calendars start at 250 min are under 40 cents each.  Full color magnet calendars have minimums of 100.  Price for 100 calendars are 1.09, .66 at 250 pieces, 50 cents at 500 and 35 cents at 1000.  Higher qty’s are even lower price per calendar.  Let these calendars be your silent business partners in 2010.

Magnet calendars held your name stick around

Magnet calendars held your name stick around

More information or 877-351-2627

Wall Calendars – Something looked at daily

Calendars are a hot item to give now

Calendars are a hot item to give now

Time to think about a way to get your business name noticed everyday.  Calendars are a available with a large variety of sizes, uses, subjects and prices.  We can even use your photos to create custom calendars in volume.

Think of the calendars you see on walls, desks, offices and other places you visit during a typical day.  With your logo and information, your name can be seen over and over again.  Some have magnet backs, some sticky back to put in a car or on the edge of a computer.  There are stick on and magnet calendars that can be mailed in a holiday card.  Some have peel off area for your business card.  Now is the time to order your calendars to hand out to customers and potential clients.

Order your calendars today! 877-351-2627.

Hand Sanitizer in flu season

Listening to the news can be scary these days.  Flu stories abound.  Besides going on a media diet and banning news stories and newspapers from your life, you can get proactive.  Get a flu shot, wash your hands, sneeze into your elbow.  What can a business do?  Encourage good hygiene and have hand sanitizer on hand.  Hand sanitizer with your logo or name on it can be a welcome item at a tradeshow, business meeting or event.  Why not have your name and information on an item people are using in record numbers?  What else can you give that people will use right now, carry with them, look at and touch throughout the day?  Spray on, clip on, wipe on, rub on.  Lots of application choices and price points.

Order yours today!  877-351-2627

8 ml. All natural pocket spray sanitizer.

8 ml. All natural pocket spray sanitizer.

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